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This is John Sheridan. You know what to do.

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IC Information;
Character Name; John Sheridan
Canon; Babylon 5 Babylon 5
Canon Point; After his leap of faith at Z’ha’Dum (3x 22, Z’ha’Dum)
Age; 45

House; Heimdall
Power; Energy Lending


‘Never start a fight, but always finish it’. Guiding words that John Sheridan’s father taught him when he was young, and words that he always seems to live his life by.

Sheridan always comes across as friendly, charming, a natural leader, especially in a time of war. Comfortable in his own skin, he exudes a sense of honor, of loyalty, someone you would love to get to know better. But underneath that lies a hothead, who has a fierce temper who can allow it to get the better of him, one that can get him into trouble - and has done, frequently.

Sheridan has always been a man of action, never shirking away from what he perceives as needs to be done. When deciding his career path, he was drawn to Earthforce (canon equivalent to the army/navy), rather than taking the easy route of following his father into a diplomatic career, which is what everyone expected of him. He excelled at it, as he does at everything he puts his mind to. Though the diplomacy path did catch up with him later as he became commander of Babylon 5, a kind of giant melting pot for all races. He had to get involved in ambassadorial level discussions, as well as mediate other disputes. He doesn’t like it, particularly, and feels that playing politics is sometimes a waste of time (far easier to point a gun at it), but is proud of his contribution to galactic peace.

If he needs to relax, to destress, he doesn’t head of intellectual pursuits, unlike some of his friends, but instead he’d far rather do something like hit a baseball a long, long way. It’s far more satisfying.

He is, by his very nature a problem solver, happy to be a rule bender if needs be, always able to find solutions to any issues. He’s known to be an expert tactician, more than capable of taking a situation where he is seemingly at a disadvantage with numbers, strength, etc and work out a feasible plan of attack, winning more often than not. It’s by thinking about maneuvers that shouldn’t work that he comes up with impossible victories - crazy stunts like mining a nearby asteroid field with nukes to destroy the Minbari flagship, which garnered him his reputation as a soldier.

He can tend toward the obsessive. If he is faced with a problem, such as tactics that don’t make any sense, he will sit and worry about it for hours, unmoving, until it finally makes sense in his mind. His need to find out what happened to his second wife, nearly destroyed everything he’d built up over two years, and in the end, himself (he’s arriving after he leaps off a building to certain death. Spoilers: It doesn’t stop him).. Of course, he can also obsess over the mundane things - such as the smell of oranges, or how orange blossom looks like.

He is a passionate man in many ways. When he finds a cause he believes in, he throws himself wholeheartedly behind it, becoming it’s champion. He does tend towards the ‘good’ side of things, because that’s just who he is. He could never conceive of being anything else. But it also translates to his relationships with people. Once he trusts you, he is incredibly loyal, and will do anything for you. He falls in love quickly as a rule, though his current relationship with Delenn took him by surprise, as he never expected to fall in love with a Minbari, of all people.

For all he’s loyal to people, and enjoys company, he finds it hard to fully open up to people. There’s always a sense that he’s holding something back. It can take a lot of prodding, by people he trusts, to actually admit if there is anything wrong. One surefire way to tell if there is something wrong is if he buries himself in his work. It’s his escape when life gets too tough, in a way.


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