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Name:John Sheridan
Birthdate:Jan 13
Location:United States of America
Name: Captain (later President) John Sheridan
Main dates active: 2259 (when he took over at Babylon 5) till his death in 2281.
Occupation: Earthforce Captain, Military Governor of Babylon5, later President of the Interstellar Alliance, and also Entil'zha of the Rangers.
Spouses: Elizabeth Lochley, divorced after three months of marriage; Anna Sheridan, deceased, victim of the Shadows; Delenn of the Minbari, marriage lasted until Sheridan's death, one son, David.

John Sheridan, the only son of a career diplomat always did things his way. Just after he joined Earthforce, he manage to get away to see the inauguration of the new Dalai Lama in Tibet, which proved to be a fascinating point in his life. Soon after, his career in Earthforce took off and he followed a steady path through the ranks.

As the Earth-Minbari war began, Sheridan was executive officer of the Lexington. Earth was losing the war, badly, and had had no major victory. During an engagement with the Minbari Flag Ship, the Black Star, the Lexington's captain was killed, and Sheridan took command. With his ship disabled, he decided to mine the local asteroid field with nuclear weapons, and after sending out a fake distress call, luring the Black Star into the asteroid field and then detonating the mines. This provided Earth with the only decisive victory of the war, and the Minbari called Sheridan 'Starkiller' after this.

(WIP, rest of his history to follow soon)
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